Disney Watch History

The idea of a Mickey Mouse watch was hatched in 1932. On May 22, 1933, an application for a U.S. patent was submitted and the first watches went into production.  Its success was sealed and by June 1935, more than 2.5 million Ingersoll Mickey  Mouse wrist watches had been sold.

The Mickey Mouse watch success was unprecedented, and by 1957 the 25 millionth watch was personally presented to Walt Disney himself.  In 1971, after 38 happy years, the great partnership was over between Mickey Mouse and what had become the Ingersoll/Timex company.

In 2012 three brands are launched : 30’s Collection – Based on the original watches that started it all.  Classic Time – Maintaining the classic Disney look with easy to wear modern day styles. Wrist Art – The fashion offer from the same source as Ingersoll. Classic Disney art in tune with todays trends.

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